Getting pulled over for Driving Under the Influence can have a lasting effect on the quality of your life.

A Driving Under the Influence conviction can costs you an average of $10,000 on a first time offense. If you were arrested in Los Angeles County, a pilot program requires that even first offenders will be required to install an ignition device that must be blown into alcohol free to start the engine. An arrest is not the end.

A Driving Under the Influence arrest does not always lead to a conviction. There are countless errors that can occur with breath analysis machines, blood tests and with the preservation of evidence. Many officers and police vehicles are equipped with video recording devices and can expose mistakes written in police reports. Without the proper representation that the Kenneth Yoo Law Group can provide, you may never learn of the potential defenses that could be raised to ultimately defend your charges.

The Kenneth Yoo Law Group will also fight to limit your exposure even when the facts are against you. Having practiced for over 17 years, Kenneth Yoo has the relationships and expertise with the prosecutors’ offices to get you a fair plea deal should the facts warrant it. The Kenneth Yoo Law Group will provide you with a fair and honest assessment of your case so you do not needlessly pay for legal fees not required.

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Attorney Kenneth Yoo has more than 17 years of experience and a record of success as a consumer attorney protecting those who need someone to fight for their rights. Kenneth Yoo and his team have recovered millions of dollars for their valued clients. We are committed to obtaining the best possible result in every case.

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The Kenneth Yoo Law Group is committed to helping you obtain the best results for any kind of legal challenges you are facing. The legal process can be very complicated and overwhelming at times. Our team of professionals take a very personal approach to make sure you are at ease and well informed. The important thing is that your life is back to normal. We'll take care of the rest.

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